Switchable anionic surfactants for the remediation of oil

Switchable anionic surfactants for the remediation of oilcontaminated sand by soil washing At 50 °C, all three switchable surfactants were able to remove North Sea crude oil from sand and have the added feature of facile oil separation and recovery from the wash mixture after CO 2 treatment About Cited by Related Back to tab navigation Download options Please waitSupplementary

Clean up of Crude OilContaminated Soil

friendly method for the cleanup crude oil contaminated soil This review is aimed at analysing the different methods used in the cleanup of contaminated soil Crude oil contaminated soil can be cleaned up using physicochemical, thermal and biological treatments The first

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(PDF) Screening of biosurfactants for crude oil

Screening of biosurfactants for crude oil contaminated soil washing Article (PDF Available) in Journal of Environmental Engineering and Science 4(6):487496 · November 2005 with 421 Reads

Optimum Conditions for Washing of Crude Oil

This paper presents the optimum conditions for washing Ekofisk crude oilcontaminated soil with biosurfactant solutions using the Taguchi experimental design method The optimum values obtained through experimental runs were used to predict crude oil removed at three confident intervals (90, 95 and 99%) Results obtained through experimental

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Switchable Anionic Surfactants for the Remediation of Oil

Switchable Anionic Surfactants for the Remediation of OilContaminated Sand by Soil Washing Elize Ceschia, Jitendra Harjani, Chen Liang, Zahra Ghoshouni Rahami, Tamer Andrea, R Stephen Brown* and Philip G Jessop* Department of Chemistry, Queen’s University, 90 Bader Lane, Kingston, ON, Canada, K7L 3N6, Tel (613) 5333212 Fax (613) 533

发布位置:RSC Advances · 2014Elize Ceschia · Jitendra R Harjani · Chen Liang · Zahra Ghoshouni · Tamer Andrea · R从属关系: Queen S University

Enhanced bioremediation of crude oil in polluted beach

To prepare oilpolluted sand, 20 g weathered crude oil was dissolved in 25 mL petroleum ether, and then added into 100 g of dry sand The mixture was stirred using a glass rod until no liquid could be observed, and then dried for 3 days in a fume hood

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Enhanced soilwashing treatment for soils which are highly

Enhanced soilwashing treatment for soils which are highly contaminated with crude oil L G Torres1, A L Aguirre1, A Verdejo2 & R Iturbe1 1Instituto de Ingeniería, Coordinación de Ingeniería Ambiental, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico

CS061 DC Recovery of Weathered Crude Oil from Sand ex

Hydrocarbon Soil and Sludge Oil–Phase Washing Agent DC211 is a formulation of oilsoluble surfactants and other compounds, with a solvent carrier to facilitate rapid penetration into and mixing with weathered crude oil mass This formulation is mixed into the weathered crude oil/sand mixture at a rate of between 1% and 2% by weight causing it to liquefy 2 Hydrocarbon Soil and Sludge

Effect of Crude Oil Impacted Sand on compressive strength

Effect of Crude Oil Impacted Sand on compressive strength of concrete contaminated soil [2] The successful use of Crude Oil Impacted Sand (COIS) in concrete depends on the required properties of the end product In general, compressive strength is considered most important property and the quality of concrete is often judged by its strength The compressive strength of concrete depends on

发布位置:Construction and Building Materials · 2012Wasiu O Ajagbe · Olusola S Omokehinde · Gabriel Ayodele Alade · Oluwole A Agbede从属关系: University of Ibadan关于:Compressive strength

Oil Is Washing Up on Brazil’s Beaches | Sierra Club

02/12/2019· Crude oil began washing up on shores in the state of Pernambuco on August 30, just as Brazil was reeling from the country’s other recent environmental disaster, the Amazon fires The oil hit the coast of several northern states first and then worked its way south

South West Services Oil Sands/Soil Remediation

Soil & Sand Remediation Through its unique chemistry and the benefits derived from nanoscale technology, SouthWest Services produces proprietary, environmentally friendly formulations designed to separate and capture crude oil from soil, sand and water contaminated by accidental spills and releases, or through routine oil exploration and production activities


A new soil washing technique is developed and its actual example of work is shown, which can clean up oilcontaminated soil by using microbubbles produced from self resolution of hydrogen peroxide in alkali solution This method has ability that can extract 90%99% oil from highly contaminated soil

Laboratory simulation of cleanup of oil spills on sandy

Laboratory simulation of cleanup of oil spills on sandy beach by land farming and bioaugmentation technique L, Yang&C T Pan Departmen~ ofMarine Environment and Engineering, National Sun Yatsen University, Taiwan Abstract Bioremediation has been

Using Flotation to Separate Oil Spill Contaminated Beach Sands

the large differences observed in their properties would have profound impacts on separation of sandoil mixtures formed by these oils The sand sample for preparing sandoil mixtures was collected

发布位置:Journal of Environmental Engineering · 2010Jing Wang · Jun Yin · Lei Ge · Jianzhong Zheng关于:Viscosity · Soil water · Soil classification · Pulmonary surfactant · Adhesion · Soil conta

A Review on Effect of Crude Oil on the Geotechnical

spills, crude oil, and High concentrations of organic chemicals, petroleum crude, petrochemical products, and industrial solvent Crude oil is one of the most common soil contaminants Over two million tons of oil are produced all over the world every day, and about 10 percent is entering the environment due


HYDROCARBON SOIL AND SLUDGE WASHING AGENT High viscosity hydrocarbons, oils including crude oil, bitumen and coal tar Nonemulsifying, washing additive for cavitation and hydraulic scrubbing systems Use in conjunction with oilphase soil and sludge washing agents DC211 Usage: dilute at a rate 1 part in 50 to 200 parts of water

UTCHEM model application for prediction of crude oil

21/12/2013· Soil pollution by crude oil is a challenging environmental issue for oil producing countries Several methods have been developed for remediation of the contaminated soil including washing with different detergents In this work, we applied UTCHEM simulator model to the sand columns polluted by 10000 and 30000 ppm of crude oil which was treated

Remediation technologies for oilcontaminated

Oil contaminated sediment is a global environmental hazard • Various remediation technologies for oil contaminated sediments are reviewed • Basic principles along with pros and cons of

ART Engineering Soil Washing, Soil Treatment, Soil

PLANT AND PROCESS DESIGN FOR MOBILE HYDROCARBON SOIL WASHING PLANT Scope of Services: Determination of Project Feasibility, Process Design including PFD and P&ID, Plant Design, Construction Support, Preparation of Procurement Specifications, Plant Startup & Commissioning

Characterization and treatability of a contaminated soil

Characterization and treatability of a contaminated soil from an oil exploration zone 1*L G Torres; 1 A crude contaminated soil, arising from an oil production zone in Tabasco, Mexico was studied A sample of about 40 kg was dried and screened through meshes 10100 Total petroleum hydrocarbons and 6 metals (Cd, Cu, Cr, Ni, V and Zn) were determined to the different portions For soil

Oil Washes Up on Tourist Beaches in ‘Brazilian Caribbean

17/10/2019· Crude oil contaminating the northeastern coast of Brazil has reached the town of Maragogi, one of the region’s main tourist beaches, its mayor said Thursday Images on local television showed

“Onsite Remediation of Sea Sediment and Soil

20/12/2014· “Onsite Remediation of Sea Sediment and Soil Contaminated with Crude Oil at TaeAn” 1 “Onsite Remediation of Sea Sediment and Soil Contaminated with Crude Oil at TaeAn” MMBinte, Kyunghoon Choi, and Woojin Lee The 2nd HRHRP Research Outcome Presentations (HIGH RISK HIGH RETURN PROJECT) ! !

Remediation of Oil Contaminated Soils: A Review

crude oil spill sand refinery waste disposal The soil near railroad junctions usually becomes oil contaminated because the railroad industry uses diesel oil for fuel, lubricating oil for machinery, and wastelubricating oil on the railroad Such sites often contain organic contaminants including benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and petroleum hydrocarbons (PHCs) [1] Contamination of

Black Waves of Oil Washing onto Thai Resort Beach

30/07/2013· BANGKOK — Streaks of crude oil marred the beach on a popular tourist island in Thailand’s eastern sea despite attempts to clean up a spill from a leaking pipeline, officials said Tourists were warned to stay away as black waves left inky globs on

Oil Washes Up on Tourist Beaches in ‘Brazilian Caribbean

Crude oil contaminating the northeastern coast of Brazil has reached the town of Maragogi, one of the region’s main tourist beaches, its mayor said Thursday Images on local television showed dozens of people in Maragogi, known for its natural pools of crystalline water, shoveling and raking the sand in an attempt to remove the sludge

Investigation on concrete compressive strength mixed

01/10/2013· Read "Investigation on concrete compressive strength mixed with sand contaminated by crude oil products, Construction and Building Materials" on DeepDyve, the largest online rental service for scholarly research with thousands of academic publications available at your fingertips

发布位置:Construction and Building Materials · 2013M Attom · Rami A Hawileh · M Z Naser从属关系: American University of Sharjah关于:Kerosene · Diesel fuel · Compressive strength

Efficient remediation of crude oilcontaminated soil using

desorption performance of crude oil from soil Natural soil, crude oilcontaminated soil, and afterremediation soil were characterized by SEM, EDX, FTIR, and contact angle The ability of solvent/ surfactant systems to remove crude oil from soil

Oil Recovery Soil Remediation Tank Cleaning Oil

18/12/2009· Oil Recovery Soil Remediation Tank Cleaning Oil Sands Tar Sands Saxon Petrotechnologies And Petromax Technologies Gobal Solutions 1 Saxon Petrotechnologies & Petromax Ecuador Amazon Region Providing Global Solutions 1 2


A soil washing study was performed to evaluate the treatability of New River sand contaminated in the laboratory with a petroleum distillate Unaltered and baseextracted sands were mixed with petroleum hydrocarbons, equilibrated, and washed with water or a surfactant at two different pH values (7 and 12) The surfactant had no significant effect on contaminant removal efficiencies

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